Self Healing Tools For Organizations and Individuals!

"Thank you, Dayanara Marte, for knowing yourself and me 

so well to bring me some powerful breakthroughs these last 

weeks, with your intuitive. sharp, on point, generous support 

and insights. You constantly shift the way I think...and 

feel...all while making me laugh. Brilliant." 
Shreya Shah,MPH
Columbia University
July 25th, 2011 

"After being involved in community organizing and social justice work for the past five years, I found myself burnt out with no motivation or determination to continue making change; I needed the space to heal and engage the love for myself. In Bold Rebirth allowed me to visualize that space while reminding of the power I have within that is waiting to be unleashed. My anxiety will be defeated, along with the negativity and discouragement, as I transform into the empowered warrior that I am." 
Ingrid Romero

July 2011

" Dee, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE STRONG ass WORDS YOU LEFT ME WITH. That was so reaffirming of my life. I have struggled to create a different home life and reality for myself and always struggled with the loyalty that I have for family and friends. But your words made everything so clear to me- “He lived his life and that was his story, you are still writing yours”. 

Indeed, this is so true. It reminded me that I need to be present about my life/reality and make different decisions based on what I want the outcome to try to be."
July 2011