Welcome to my BOLD Rebirth!

From the beginning of time the moment of conception, I have been living in their shoes. All those womyn who have come before me, born out of wedlock, from a prostitute, an adopted daughter reared by family members never knowing exactly who I was or where I came from. At the age of 35, I feel like I have been through it all, abortion, domestic violence, a statistic of life, a teenage mom, a role model, an educator, a daughter, a womyn of color stripped layer by layer of self, identity and love from abuse. A female child already judged without having a name, a personality, an individual. I was born on May 6th, daughter of a prostitute, daughter of a pimp, born in a brothel in the Dominican Republic my adoptive mother owned. I was born into a community of women, healing, and loving. Sex and money surrounded me. Who was I to become but my mother’s daughter? A prostitute like my mother? or a pimp like my dad? 
No, instead I became a powerful women healer and organizer, a women on the front lines whose made choices from a place of fear she didn't even know existed. With every relationship, with every accomplishment  I have fought  to let go of stagnation , rotten insecurities, pitfalls of resentment, empty holes of hope, & miles and miles of angry parasites waiting to feed on the judgments I have created for myself because of my past , criticisms, gossips I have about my self  & regrets of the past experiences and choices I can never change.
 You see, I didnt realize that my past had prepared me for this day, the day when I would launch "In Bold Rebirth Institute", because the universe had other plans for me to share  a gift…. because I was a gift. A gift to the woman who adopted me because she could not have children of her own, a gift to the young women I work with and too all the sisters I have touched and continue to touch on their journey of self healing and transformation.
Chicken soup, hot teas, after an abortion or pregnancy to repair your wounds, lemon and salt to cure your children’s scratches and wounds, rubbing menthol & camphor to cure their colds, cinnamon, ginger, cloves, peppermint tea for period pains and menstrual cramps, aspirin, hot Malta & nutmeg as a form of contraception and abortion, & reading the coffee cup, saints and candles, altars, herbs for family planning---Welcome to my life!
Through my veins runs the blood of powerful womyn, curanderas, midwives, indigenous healers, & brujas. I watched my mother and all the womyn in my family take care of their families and their community(mind, body and spirit). I have also watched them struggle to hold on to their knowledge, pass down information, and continue to practice their traditions. The resiliency that exists within the women of the world, to retain and reclaim their innate ability to heal their bodies and transform their lives is why I have taken on being a midwife and supporting women and communities of color in their BOLD REBIRTHS