Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Collaborate with "In Bold Rebirth Institute" and  inspire revelations, breakthroughs and completions to stand in your truth, clarify the vision you want to birth into reality while healing from the wounds of oppression, trauma, violence, neglect and separation. Discover the parts within yourselves that you have disowned, reclaim your space of belonging and live with spirit & purpose, intention and intuitive knowledge in your every day existence. 

  • In bold rebirth is not a moment or a destination. So stop asking yourself  if  you have arrived or are you  there yet. Your  bold rebirth is a journey where every moment and every day is your birthday, where you get to forgive and recreate  yourself  from nothing not even the past! 

  • In  Bold Rebirth believes that  words  speak louder than actions.  Healing is happening when you can be your word,  when you understand your word is your weapon, they serve as your internal system of accountability and another way that your community can hold you accountable. In case you didn't know your word is all you have...check in right now, are your actions  speaking louder than your words, are you are living the contradiction, are you pretending, do you have integrity with your word?

  • At In Bold Rebirth, we return to powerless moments and reclaim our power. ‎5 years ago I gave the power of summer to someone else, with that I gave them my power, my light, my creativity, my love and my courage. They could turn me on and off at will, no one can ever know what to do with so much power and control over another so they destroy you.. While we cannot recreate traumas such as child sexual abuse , rape, assault, domestic violence, and war it is imperative that we  go back spiritually and reclaim our power! 

  • In Bold Rebirth believes that trauma can be healed through the connection to our spirit, our wise women, our ancestors. There is a huge difference between spirituality as a way of being and health, wellness and self care! In bold rebirth taps into the spirit of women, the goddess that lives within to support transformation. And transformation only happens when we evolve not revolve. Ask your self to you want to be evolutionary or just revolutionary?. 

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