Thursday, June 16, 2011

Global Press Institute Assignment!

At Global Press Institute and Women E News learning how to use social media to be a journalist for the people! Amazing! 

“ I wanted to make my father proud” said Vinicius Fortuna as he tells me  about his passion working in the computer science field.  Originally form Brazil, Fortuna wears a black t-shirt with the word google written on it  proudly representing his current job as Senior Soft Engineer for the company google. “ I use to dream about going to work for one of those big companies” he says as he plays with the cup in his hands remembering how hard it was to leave his friends and families.  He smiles from ear to ear as he remembers the story of waking up at 5:30 in the morning to go to the lab on his campus to join computer programming contest that would last for hours.  It started with his dad putting him in many challenging classes like sports and soccer, that he relaized that he felt good and accomplished after winning. Fortuna now lives in Roosevelt Island where he created an application to track his bus route to work. His hair swings back and fourth representing the swagger that he has as he proudly takes out his phone to show me the application he has created. At 30 years old, Fortuna has won both international and world champions and has traveled to Canada, China, and Californaia doing what he loves the most challenging himself and making his father proud!

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